“Honsa CPA got my taxes done quickly.  I’m really happy with the service.  You will be, too.” ~ Jared G

Honsa CPA is committed to providing the best customer service experience for each and every client.  Here is how we do this:

  • Quick turnaround time during tax season
  • Paperless process!  You can even sign the documents on a smart phone
  • Free ongoing support throughout the year; if you have a tax question, email it to us and receive an answer quickly
  • Free audit support if you receive a letter from the IRS or state department of revenue (we’ll tell you how to answer them)
  • Audit Defender Plus; for an additional fee, we handle all communication with the IRS or state agency if they put you under audit

Back Taxes

If you have back taxes owed, we can help.  The IRS will agree to installment payments, and in some cases, you can significantly lower your tax bill with an offer-in-compromise.  Also known as an OIC, this option can help get your taxes, and your life, back on track.  A free telephone consultation can be arranged to discuss whether or not an OIC is a viable option.   DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG.  The IRS will attach liens and will levy your bank accounts to recover all taxes.

Amended Returns

If you find that something is wrong with a return you prepared or some tax preparer completed, we can amend the return.  On a number of occasions, I’ve reviewed a new client’s prior returns and found errors or omissions.  In any case, we will use our years of tax expertise to ensure a complete and correct tax return.